Transportation Logistics Services in Charleston, SC

Depend on a trusted independent, Landstar agent for full-scale cargo handling, shipping, and transportation logistics services. Based in Charleston, SC, our company is a trusted independent Landstar agent that offers a wide range of shipping and transport services.

Specialized Cargo Handling & Rigging

Container Marketing Corporation Inc (CMC) specializes in the handling of out-of-gauge, overweight import and export containers. With heavy-lift capability in all the US ports we serve, CMC utilizes this cargo handling ability in conjunction with its own dedicated platform fleet to move specialized cargo to and from all US ports.

Using our material handling and equipment and terminal facilities, we are able to utilize lay-down areas for storage and for staging and consolidation purposes.

Crane And Semi Truck

Flatbed / Drop Deck / Step Deck

As agents of Landstar Transportation Logics, we specialize in platform services, large and small. With more than 2,700 flatbeds and step-decks at our disposal, we can transport your freight where you want it, safely and on time.

When it comes to platform, we understand that security is everything. That's why our team of business-capacity owners and third-party-capacity providers take the time to secure your freight properly. In addition to standard tarping and binding, our services include onsite safety and procurement consultations to ensure we have the right equipment for the job.

tractor trailer

Government & Military Cargo

Our government division works with military cargo on a daily basis. We move everything from daily SROs and specialized transport cargo to emergency military deployments. Through Landstar's network, CMC has the hauling capacity to transport any piece of equipment the US military moves over the road.

We also work closely with the United States government to support emergency initiatives. From the Department of Homeland Security to FEMA, CMC Landstar helps carry the load and goes beyond expectations. We are a GSA-approved freight TSP and military transport service provider.

Caro Jeep Being Hauled

Oversized Air Freight

Meeting outbound or inbound flights for timely deliveries and pickups can be a frustration and expensive proposition. CMC provides expedited specialized transportation services for our customers' specific airfreight needs. We offer specialized platform and truckload van service to all major airports in the US. Handling out-of-gauge and overweight shipments for domestic or international flights, we adhere to the most time-sensitive shipping schedules in an intricate transportation logistics environment.

A photo of Air freight

Port Operations

Transport your goods, products, and equipment anywhere in the US. CMC ships import and export cargo through all of the major ports in America. In addition to our own specialized platform fleet, we utilize Landstar's extensive fleet of specialized equipment to handle the majority of our clients’ needs, regardless of how unique the project.

We also work with you to determine the right solutions to meet your North American and international shipping needs. In addition, we oversee customs clearance, all risk marine insurance placement, information technology services, and local dray and customs classifications. We then export the declarations and arrange pick-up and delivery at inland points.

Shipside Pickup & Delivery

CMC handles import and export cargo alongside vessels as they work anywhere in the USA. We use our precisely-coordinated procedure to deliver or pick up super-heavy cargo to or from a vessel, which eliminates extra handling and saves our clients’ money.

In the process, we work alongside other vessels in order to discharge project cargo and to expedite the delivery of time-sensitive cargo. You may contract this type of service as part of our total logistics package.

Hauling Cargo

Time Definite / Expediting / Emergency

As Landstar Transportation Logistics' agents, we are leaders in providing safe, reliable time-definite service. Today’s supply chains continue to compress, and companies are relying more and more on just-in-time (JIT) inventory. That’s why Landstar Transportation Logistics has the expediting expertise to get your product where it has to be intact and on time – anywhere – at any time.

We are a major provider of expedited service to the automotive and medical supply industries in addition to the Department of Defense and other shippers who must have reliable, safe carriers. When your emergency shipments require expert expeditors, give us a call, and we’ll set solutions in motion for you.

Contact us  for customized solutions for your domestic, import, & export transportation logistics. We transport cargo throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and around the world.”