About Us

Container Marketing Corporation Inc, our cargo management company in Charleston, SC, was formed in 1978 and has acted as an independent agent representing Landstar Ranger for over forty years. Landstar System is a publicly held corporation with annual sales exceeding $3 billion. Landstar's extensive network is comprised of approximately 1,100 independent agents and thousands of business capacity owners who supply more than 9,000 power units. Driven by America’s entrepreneurial spirit, the transportation logistics company utilizes innovative technology and communications systems that enable its network to successfully compete in today's tough transportation market.

Container Marketing Corporation Inc spearheads our specialized service division with particular emphasis on handling out-of-gauge and overweight cargo. We have successfully handled military base deployments, turnkey plant construction setups, energy recovery plant transportation moves, and other major logistic projects. We can provide on-site personal supervision, and we have transported various types of cargo in virtually all US ports and Puerto Rico.

Contact us  for customized solutions for your domestic, import, & export transportation logistics. We transport cargo throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and around the world.”